Community Improvement Plan

Community Improvement Plan Grant Application


1. Before completing this application please call (705-653-1900 ext. 239) or email for details regarding the Community Improvement Plan application process, eligibility criteria and program boundaries.


Registered Property Owner

Property Details

Planning & Building Fees Rebate and Design Studies Grant

Planning & Building Fees Rebate: 

Grant amount is up to a maximum of $1,250 (50% matching funding)

Eligible Fees:

  • Building Permit;
  • Site Plan Application;
  • Demolition Permit;
  • Minor Variance ;
  • Zoning By-law Amendment

Design Studies Grant: 

Grant amount is up to a maximum of $750 (50% matching funding)

Eligible Criteria:  Designs or plans prepared by a qualified professional to plan for renovation of the exterior of a building which are consistent with the CIP Style Guide.

Commercial Facade Improvement Grant

Objective:  Improve and renew the exterior appearance/aesthetic of buildings with a focus on the front and public facing facade of commerical buildings.

Grant Amount: $5,000 per facade up to a maximum of two public facing facades (50% matching funding)

Eligible Costs:  Expenditures to renew and update building facades with an emphasis on the front of buildings; side and rear facades may be considered if located on a corner lot, or if highly visable from public spaces or located on the waterway.  The following costs are eligible:

  • Restoration or replacement of exterior building treatments, such as brickwork or cladding;
  • Restoration or replacement of cornices, eaves and parapets;
  • Restoration or replacement of windows, doors and awnings;
  • Restoration or replacement of exterior lighting and signage;
  • Exterior painting; 
  • Storefront or entrance modifications; and,
  • Similar improvements or repairs that would improve the appearance of a buidling facade

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Residential Conversion and Rehabilitation Grant

Objective: Improvements to existing residential rental stock and the creation of new units where appropriate.

Grant Amount: $5,000 per residential unit up to a maximum of 5 units (50% matching funding)

Eligible Costs:

  • addition of new residential units or improvements of exisiting units above ground floor and within the existing floorspace of a commercial building

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Tourism and Agri-Tourism Signage Grant

Objective: Improve the appearance/aesthetic/consistency of tourism business signage

Grant Amount: $1,000 (50% matching funding)

Eligible Costs:  Improvement or replacement of business signage for tourism/agri-tourism businesses including:

  • Sign Permit fees;
  • Removal of old signage;
  • Purchase and installation of new signage;
  • Lighting improvements associated with signage

Tourism businesses include those that welcome visitors to the community; offering goods & services such as farm gate sales, accomodation, attractions and ammendities.

Eligible businesses must have an online presence to promote their business/services to tourists/visitors with a link to the Trent Hills tourism website ( 


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By submitting the Special Event Permit Application, you are agreeing:

  1. To indemnify and save harmless The Corporation of the Municipality of Trent Hills from any and all liabilities, damages, costs, claims, suits or actions arising out of the Special Event.
  2. To provide all required documentation within specified timeframes.
  3. To provide any bond or insurance which may be required.
  4. To be responsible for any and all costs to provide and maintain sufficient traffic control measures to ensure safety for the travelling public and participants.
  5. To the Municipality of Trent Hills making this application and its supporting documentation available as a public record.

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